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Celebrating Teachers And the Power of Knowledge!

On this World Teachers Day we pay tribute to all the amazing teachers all around the world, guaranteeing our right to education and for many inspiring us and mentoring us to live our dreams and become the best human beings we could be! Knowledge is power and we are thankful to all the teachers transmitting us the knowledge we need.

However, we are definitely not celebrating but instead we are condemning the bad teachers, who normalise the culture of abuse and violence against children and students; who commit corporal violence and destroy the self-esteem and mental health of our children. We condemn the abuse and violence of the teacher at Sarasas Witaed Ratchaphruek School, in Nonthaburi, Thailand, as you can see in the CCTV videos, showing us the brutality some Thai children have to go through.

This is the very reason why the ‘Bad Student Group’ is raising high school students' voices to put an end to this abusive culture and stated clearly: "Our first dictatorship is school !"


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