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#ChristmasDonation 🎄 Donate to #SaveSabWaiVillagers from being put in extreme poverty!

#ChristmasDonation 🎄 Donate to #SaveSabWaiVillagers from being put in extreme poverty!

💸 The #Christmas season is not over! We still count on you to donate and support local communities fighting for justice! Read the story of the Sab Wai villagers and find out why your support to them matters ⤵️

🚨 Do you remember the 14 Villagers in the Sab Wai village, Chaiyaphum Province in Thailand, who were unfairly criminalized as destroyers of the forest under Thailand’s 2014 Forest Reclamation Policy and NCPO Orders 64 and 66 of 2014?

👉 ALL 14 villagers were found guilty by the Supreme Court in Spring 2021, with 11 of them put on probation and 3 of them sentenced to jail. In May 2021, one of the villagers, Mr. Suwit Rattanachaisri even received a writ of execution with a call to pay a civil penalty of 60,000 THB plus an interest rate of 7.5% per year, and to vacate his land. Thailand's unfair ruling has put the Sab Wai villagers in extreme poverty.

⚠️ Apart from the Sab Wai Villagers, there are over 25,000 cases that are also affected by the so-called forest reclamation policy. According to P-MOVE (a land rights movement), most of the victims are poor villagers, forest-dependent communities, and indigenous peoples.

🌳 Under the disguise of 'climate solution', the Thai government is weaponizing its participation in the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), a global partnership funded by the World Bank aiming to reduce carbon emissions, to confiscate the land of the poor, forest-dependent communities and indigenous peoples instead of recognizing them as 'Guardians' of the forest and let them control the land usage.

🚫 The implementation of such a “false” climate solution was blatantly corrupted. In the cases of Nittaya and Narisara, the government officers shamelessly committed signature forgery and manipulated the locals with fake consents.

🌎 However, the international community was not fooled. These unjust forest conservation laws and policies of the Thai government were denounced by The UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) during Thailand's UN CERD Review on 22-23 November: "The Committee notes with concern the discriminatory effect of the State party’s various forestry and environment-related laws and regulations, and their implementation, on ethnic groups and indigenous peoples living in forests".

🇺🇳 In addition, Thailand not only received but also accepted 4 UN human rights recommendations relevant to climate solutions during its Universal Periodic Review #UPR on 10 November 2021!

🚨 But UN human rights recommendations are not enough to Save Sab Wai Villagers from being put in extreme poverty!

✨ You can #SaveSabWaiVillagers by directly supporting the community members with a donation. With your contribution, the villagers can continue the fight for justice and maintain their livelihood!

Make a gift to:

💸Krungthai Bank (Nongbuarahew Branch)

No: 335-0-35478-5

Account Names (Members of Isaan Land Reform Network)

Panida Thanongped; Witsanukorn Chodchum; Sa-gnuan Laung-aram; Siriwan Srikhammuan; and Suchit Roo-ngarn

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings


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