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🎄#ChristmasDonation: Support Indigenous Karen IDPs! #SaveMyanmar

🎄 On Christmas Day, we call on all our followers to support the struggles of our indigenous Karen friends fleeing Myanmar, pushed away from their homes to save their lives. Karen communities have become Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and they need YOU to survive!

⚠️ Join us in supporting the Karen Peace Support Network Urgent Appeal for Karen IDPs. The Burmese army is attacking villages in Karen state, forcing thousands of villagers to run for their lives.

More than 10,000 villagers have fled Lay Kay Kaw town and surrounding villages, more than half have now fled across the border to Thailand, leaving everything behind.

👉 They are in urgent need of food, medicine and shelter. Karen Peace Support Network is providing urgent humanitarian help for those villagers forced to flee but we need your help. The need is great and we urgently need donations to help us provide more support.

👉 Scan the QR code or Click here to make your #Christmas donation.

❤️ Thank you from us #WeAreManushyan - Equal Human Beings 💚

🎨 Illustration by amazing @isumi_49


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