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#COP27: What it is & Why it's important for human rights in Thailand

#ClimateJustice 🌏 Chances are that COP27 is all you've been hearing about for the last couple of days. But do you know what it actually is & why it's so important for human rights in Thailand?

Government representatives, politicians, scientists, activists, rights defenders, corporations, including Big Oil, international bodies and many others are gathering in Egypt's seaside city of Sharm el-Sheikh for COP27: the 27th Conference of Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. While this high-level meeting paves the way forward for future climate action, it is also a platform for greenwashing, empty promises, and restricted space for civil society.

The climate talks, however, will have long-lasting impacts on the human rights of whole communities in Thailand. How?

➡️ As a tropical country that will soon be severely affected by the impacts of climate change, Thailand's communities need the international community at COP27 to take bold and ambitious steps to tackle the climate emergency. At the same time, human rights must be at the center of any such steps to ensure that local communities are not hurt in the process - something that the Thai government regularly turns a deaf ear to and instead goes on promoting its state-licensed greenwashing and false climate solutions!

➡️ At the last year's COP26, the Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha announced new revised targets for reaching carbon neutrality (2050) and net-zero (2065) and emphasized that Thailand will need the support of the international community to make these targets a reality. This year, the Thai government delegation will continue to seek finance and support for its false climate solutions. COP27 must know that money given to the Thai government will sponsor forced evictions and criminalization of indigenous peoples & forest dwelling communities: the guardians of the forest!

➡️ Civil society, largely from the Global South, is pushing for new, human rights-centered finance for Loss & Damage: the negative effects of floods, cyclones, desertification, etc., caused by climate change. Such a finance mechanism would be crucial to support communities in Thailand, suffering from extreme weather events despite contributing the least to the climate emergency!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

Manushya Foundation will always fight for Climate Justice: where no one is left behind and any climate action has human rights at its core ✊

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