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Internet is Not Free in Thailand - Manushya Report: Freedom on The Net 2020

Internet is NOT FREE in Thailand!

On October 14, Freedom House launched its global report on Freedom on the Net for the year 2020, which investigated whether internet freedom in countries around the world has declined or improved since 2019.

Manushya Foundation has developed the Freedom On the Net 2020 country report for Thailand, highlighting laws, trends, cases that impact the rights of Thai netizens online. Thailand scored 35 out of 100 regarding their overall Internet Freedom, placing them under the ‘Not Free’ category.

This year, amid the global pandemic, numerous pro-democracy student protests, and increased criticism of the government’s policies, Thailand has had many changes to its digital landscape; both positive and negative developments which we have documented in our report.

Here we highlight a few major events that are crucial to Thailand’s internet freedom as a sneak peek for the full report!

Check the report here!


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