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Live Interview with Emilie Pradichit - On the Pro-Democracy Movement in Thailand

On 19 October 2020, Emilie Palamy Pradichit, Manushya Foundation’s Founder and Director shared her insights and gave her opinion during a LIVE Interview with A News regarding the current pro-democracy protests taking place in Thailand and led by youth defying the Emergency Decree banning protests.

Emilie explained the 3 current protesters' demands, also known as the "3 Rs": 

1. Resignation of PM Prayut and his government; 

2. Revision of the Constitution to ensure a real Democracy in Thailand, with a Constitution written by the people and for the people. 

3. Reform of the monarchy to curb the power of the royal family and the country's establishment to give back the power to the people by restoring true democracy. 

She further clarified that young people are out on the streets not because there’s someone or some sort of power behind them but simply because they can no longer stand the inequality and injustice happening in the country. They want equality, justice and human rights for all. They want to decide their own future under a real democracy!

Emilie is hopeful for the future of the current pro-democracy movement. She insisted that the youths are smart and strategic and they will not give up.

“The youth are making history and we hope that they succeed”

We stand in solidarity with Thai youth and Thai people in the fight for real democracy, equality and justice in Thailand. We call on the Thai government to listen to the voices of the people and to truly serve their people as they should. 


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