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#saveตะวัน: The Court finally granted bail for Tawan. But with conditions that want to silence her!

Yesterday, 20-year-old Thai student activist Tantawan Tuatulanon has been granted bail after 37 days on a hunger strike. She had to be sent to the hospital immediately to receive medical treatment!

After denying her bail requests several times, the Court finally set her free - but only temporarily. She is not allowed to leave her house or Thailand for 1 month and has to wear an electronic ankle bracelet. The bail condition also includes a ban on re-offending, especially in relation to the monarchy that led to her initial #ม112 charge. A similar pattern applied to many other political protesters out on bail.

We admire Tawan's courage, bravery, and sacrifice. But, she or anyone else should NEVER be charged for purely exercising their right to freedom of expression and calling for true democracy! Thai authorities need to STOP using this abusive pattern.

Too often, the Thai judiciary lengthens the pre-trial detention of the political prisoners to silence them and later releases them with conditions that won't allow them to exercise their rights anymore. Otherwise, they are put in jail again! It's time to STOP! Thai authorities must follow international human rights standards!

🚨 Even though Tawan was released, we still have to keep an eye on the judiciary as there're still many political prisoners that are still in jail! #เก็ท Sophon ‘Get’ is also on hunger strike for 22 DAYS right now!

#ปล่อยเพื่อนเรา ✊🏼 Manushya Foundation stands by all pro-democracy activists, and we demand the release of all political prisoners NOW!

🔗 Learn more about how we fight against the government's abuse of power and attempts to control civic space here

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