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Between May and June 2017, Manushya Foundation held four Business & Human Rights Workshops in the Northern (29 - 30 January), Northeastern (23 - 24 February), Southern (20 - 21 March) and Eastern (30 - 31 March) regions of Thailand.


The workshops were conducted with the goal of informing the participants from these areas about Business & Human Rights, to build the capacity of civil society groups in these regions and establish areas of focus for the Thai CSO's Coalition for the UPR based on their own evidence. The capacity building workshops contribute to the implementation of the recommendation made by the Swedish government during the 2nd UPR cycle regarding Business & Human Rights, in particular, through allowing local communities to build their capacity to meaningfully contribute towards the development of the Thai Government's National Action Plan on Business & Human Rights.

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Download the English version of the Executive Summary.


Thai version of the Executive Summary will be available for download soon.

Human rights defenders and activists working on a number of pertinent human rights issues were participants in the workshop. The human rights issues are areas they represented included: rights of migrant workers, rights of indigenous people, rights of drug users, rights of people living with HIV, rights of the LGBT community, land rights, sexual and reproductive health, women’s rights, and labour rights, with these issues being addressed throughout the course of the workshops.

The workshops are part of Manushya Foundation's overall Business & Human Rights strategy, furthering two core objectives.  Firstly, they contributed towards our second objective, sharing knowledge for evidence-based community-led research, by enabling communities to build their capacity on effectively documenting rights violations and utilise the data they gather to effectively advocate for change in Thailand. Additionally, they advanced our third objective, empowerment of communities through sub-grants, as grantees and case studies were selected as a result of these workshops.


Read more about our Business & Human Rights strategy here.

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