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Meet Our Team #WeAreManushyan

About Manushya’s Team

Women-led, intersectional feminists, Manushya’s team comprises women, transgender people, and feminists passionate about bringing positive change to the world and being part of collective healing. At Manushya, we are Feminists from the Global South.

Our definition of the Global South takes into account class struggle. With this definition, we can agree that the Global South is NOT bounded by geographic boundaries but rather a shared identity by people who are at the bottom of the barrel or people living in the lower socio-economic class. Therefore, the Souths can occur in the richest country, and the Norths can also occur in the poorest country.

Our Founder & Executive Director 

Emilie Palamy Pradichit


Founder & Executive Director of Manushya Foundation

Emilie Palamy Pradichit, the Founder & Executive Director of Manushya Foundation, is an intersectional feminist visionary & international human rights lawyer specializing in accessing justice for marginalized communities through strategic litigation before the United Nations (UN) — where her innovative work has successfully held governments and businesses accountable for their human rights abuses and violations. Working on the ground, she also endorses women & youth to speak truth to power at the forefront of their fight for justice and equality as well as defends indigenous, forest-dependent, LGBTIQ+ & marginalized communities across Asia.

Our Manushyans


Nada Chaiyajit

Human Rights Campaign Advisor


Andrea Spakova

Human Rights Research, Advocacy & Campaign Officer 
Corporate Accountability & Climate Justice


Thanousinh Morada

Human Rights Research & Advocacy Associate



Gwendal Soulas

Human Rights Research & Advocacy Associate

Corporate Accountability & Climate Justice


Preeyanun Thamrongthanakij

Human Rights Research & Advocacy Associate

Digital Rights, Access to

UN Human Rights Mechanisms


Thanakarn Srichalern

Communications &

Campaigns Associate

Karla Pfeifer.png

Karla Pfeifer

Corporate Accountability &

Climate Justice Assistant


Chi-An (Billy) Chen

Graphic Designer & Storytelling Assistant


Letitia Visan

Human Rights Research & Advocacy Officer
Digital Rights, Access to

UN Human Rights Mechanisms


Felicity Salina

Human Rights Research & Advocacy Associate (Fellow)

Digital Rights, Access to

UN Human Rights Mechanisms


Thanyamon (Bow) Ramanchit

Corporate Accountability &

Climate Justice Campaigner Assistant 

Our Feminist Board


Sirisak Chaited

Manushya’s Board Member,
LGBTIQ+ pro-democracy Activist & Sex Worker Rights Defender


Nittaya Muangklang

Manushya’s Board Member & Sab Wai Community Leader



Premsinee Sintontammatuch

Manushya’s Board Member &

Community Leader #JusticeForPhichit


Sugarnta Sookpaita

Manushya’s Board Member & Leading Women Workers for Justice Group


Asmah Tanyongdaoh

Manushya’s Board Member &

Coordinator, Southern Working Group for Monitoring International Mechanism

Our Founder
Our Manushyans
Our Feminist Board
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