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As a women-led organisation, empowering women is at the heart of our work.


For too long, women have been excluded from participating in development and human rights. That is why at Manushya Foundation, we ensure women are central players in all aspects of our work, from within our organisation to empowering women to conduct effective human rights research and advocacy, allowing their valuable skills and expertise to be utilised and their voices to be heard.


We work with a number of women-led community groups and women human rights defenders, ensuring women are empowered financially and have access to the necessary resources and training to be able to meaningfully contribute towards human rights. 


We also apply a 'gender lens' to everything we do, from the research we develop to our capacity development programmes, guaranteeing that our work, and the work of those we collaborate with, respects, defends, and ultimately uplifts women.


In line with our work to empower women, Manushya Foundation collaborated with ALTSEAN-Burma for a series of storytelling workshops in Northern and Southern Thailand. The workshops aimed at empowering women through skills in storytelling that they can use to articulate their experiences of trauma, violence, and exclusion.


Central to our work on women's empowerment is empowering women from local communities by focusing on mentoring them, ensuring that local people, community leaders, and focal points of networks and coalitions can become agents of change and raise their own concerns and solutions to offer solutions and improve the situation on the ground.


Manushya joins JASS Southeast Asia’s Regional One Day One Voice 2018 Campaign to mark 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence:

“We Are All Defenders”! 3 December 2018