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We deeply believe that human rights must have communities at their core, as communities are the experts on the issues that face them.

Our sub-granting strategy

For too long, communities have been left out of the human rights response, being denied a voice when it is most crucial. To combat this, we provide sub-grants to the most marginalised communities, who are often denied access to other forms of financial and organisational assistance. We provide them with the resources and support they need to tackle human rights issues they are faced with, enabling them to take control of their experiences of human rights. 

In addition to technical support, we strengthen their institutional capacity to be able to monitor and evaluate their progress and submit narrative and financial reports. Our goal is to ensure they can seek their own funding in the long term, allowing communities to become self-sufficient agents of change who can empower themselves and those around them for generations to come.

UN Mechanisms Sub-grants  

The UPR sub-grants showcase the role and power of communities as central actors of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) follow-up phase to ensure national and local ownership of a Geneva process ('from Global to Local') and to guarantee a cooperative UPR implementation phase. Throughout the UPR implementation phase, empowered CSO coalitions guarantee the development of credible evidence to conduct evidence-based advocacy, engage in meaningful dialogues with relevant stakeholders, hold their government into account on its international human rights obligations and commitments, with the ultimate goal to improve the human rights situation on the ground.  

Resourcing Human Rights Defenders & Social Movements 

As part of our sub-granting strategy, we make sure to give sufficient resources to human rights defenders and social movements, so that the communities who are the most at risk of human rights violations can focus on their fundamental work, while protecting themselves and becoming their own agents of change. Learn more about our support to environmental defenders and social movements here

Supporting Online Freedom Advocates  

We also provide sub-grants in the field of digital rights, by which we support six Online Freedom Advocates with backgrounds in journalism, writing, activism and communication and who conduct activities to raise awareness on threats to freedom of expression and digital literacy for netizens. Learn more about our work on digital rights here.

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