At Manushya Foundation, we believe in the positive power of coalitions to build solidarity and express community concerns as one strong and unified voice.


By following an intersectional approach, we are able to mobilise communities around human rights and development movements, comprising all human rights issues, where communities are treated equally and feel “human” and where all human rights are indivisible, interdependent and interrelated (civil and political rights as well as economic, social and cultural rights). Our coalitions represent the wish for an inclusive, fair, equal and transparent Thai society.


Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR







Created in February 2016, the Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR comprises local communities and national civil society organizations from all human rights sectors and across Thailand. The coalition is as of today the widest coalition of Thai CSOs ever brought together to contribute to the UPR process and other UN human rights monitoring mechanisms as well as development obligations. The formation of the Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR has enabled local communities from different regions of Thailand, experiencing similar challenges (such as land evictions, land grabbing, abusive working conditions), to meet each other and build solidarity, creating momentum and commitment to work together as a strong national movement to hold the government accountable on its international human rights obligations. The Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR engages in a constructive manner by proposing solutions rather than naming and shaming.

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Thai Business & Human Rights Network: #ThaiBHR-Network







The Thai Business and Human Rights Network (TBHRN) is an informal, inclusive and intersectional coalition of human rights defenders, community leaders, researchers, academics, and non-governmental organisations from the local, national and regional spheres, who are joining hands to ensure local communities are central to the business and human rights response in Thailand. The Network engages in advocacy, dialogue, and monitoring of business and human rights

commitments made by the

Royal Thai Government, in

particular in engaging in

the development and

monitoring of the National

Action Plan on Business

and Human Rights. 

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creation of the Thai BHR  



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18-20 November 2017



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Founded in 2017, Manushya Foundation serves as a bridge to engage, mobilise, and empower agents of change by: connecting humans through inclusive coalition building and; by developing strategies focused at placing local communities’ voices in the centre of human rights advocacy and domestic implementation of international human rights obligations and standards.


Manushya Foundation strengthens the solidarity and capacity of communities and grassroots to ensure they can constructively raise their own concerns and provide solutions in order to improve their livelihoods and the human rights situation on the ground.