Support our work to ensure "Human Rights for All", where No One is Left Behind

As civic space is shrinking around the world, now more than ever, your support is needed to:  

  • Make the invisible Visible & Heard to become powerful Agents of Change;

  • Build & strengthen Intersectional & Inclusive Grassroots Coalitions to advocate all together and speak with One Strong Powerful Voice;

  • Empower local and marginalised communities through capacity building on legal empowerment & human rights education;

  • Develop credible evidence-based advocacy tools through community-led participatory research

  • Bridge the gap between local communities and decision makers and/or private actors with the power to manifest real change through meaningful multi-stakeholders dialogues and effective community-led advocacy.


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Founded in 2017, Manushya Foundation serves as a bridge to engage, mobilise, and empower agents of change by: connecting humans through inclusive coalition building and; by developing strategies focused at placing local communities’ voices in the centre of human rights advocacy and domestic implementation of international human rights obligations and standards.


Manushya Foundation strengthens the solidarity and capacity of communities and grassroots to ensure they can constructively raise their own concerns and provide solutions in order to improve their livelihoods and the human rights situation on the ground.