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In order to ensure communities are able to be an intrinsic part of the human rights response, we develop communities capacity to meaningfully contribute to all elements of human rights and development. 


Manushya Foundation provides technical expertise and capacity building training to ensure the work of local communities follow legitimate and credible methodologies, enabling them to protect the data they have collected, and protect themselves from defamation charges while investigating rights violations and monitoring the situation on the ground. For that purpose, we deliver the following series of workshop, depending on local communities’ needs:


  • Monitoring and reporting on the human rights situation on the ground, including the development of credible evidence for strategic and evidence-based advocacy;

  • Capacity building to empower HRDs, including capacity building on human rights documentation and the importance of credible evidence to develop human rights reports for advocacy purpose; training on national human rights mechanism monitoring & reporting; training on UN human rights monitoring mechanisms and the role of communities in accessing justice at the international level;

  • Physical & digital security training for risk assessments of HRDs;

  • Fostering multi-stakeholders dialogues to provide solutions and advance human rights: most of the projects would end with a policy dialogue to advocate with the government for law reforms and sensitisation of government agencies on critical human rights challenges and best practices for solutions.


At the core of our capacity development approach is empowering local communities by focusing on mentoring them, ensuring that local people, community leaders, and focal points of networks and coalitions can become agents of change and raise their own concerns and solutions to offer solutions and improve the situation on the ground.

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