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We bridge the gap between local communities and key stakeholders with the power to manifest real change.


By enabling communities to have a platform to reach their advocacy targets, communities can directly raise concerns to the international community, diplomats and governments. We do this through facilitating local policy dialogues, diplomatic briefings and other key stakeholders’ briefings to ensure local communities can be visible and heard and bring their community-led recommendations and solutions to local governments and the international community. We bring diplomats and local governments on the ground, to locations where human rights defenders live, so they can better understand the challenges and realities at the grassroots level and build constructive collaboration to work on solutions together.


In addition to our advocacy work, we ensure communities are at the centre of human rights research, supporting the development of credible evidence at the grassroots level and producing research outputs that have the needs and experiences of local communities at their core. We do this through:


  • Gathering and analysing existing evidence on the human rights situation in Thailand.

  • Developing new evidence through community-led research on rights violations they have faced.

  • Analysing the compliance of the legal framework in Thailand with international standards.

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