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Complaint for Urgent Action for Protection of the 14 Sab Wai Villagers,
facing human rights violations due to Thailand’s False Climate Solutions

4 August 2022

On 4 August 2022, Manushya Foundation and Sai Thong Rak Pah Network submitted a Complaint for Urgent Action to 8 United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteurs to urge Thai authorities to halt the forced evictions and order a suspension of the villagers’ civil penalties. Under circumstances when evictions are unavoidable, international human rights standards must be upheld.

This Complaint for Urgent Action highlights and denounces the imminent forced evictions and recent reprisals against the Sab Wai villagers, and brings attention to the future negative impacts of the evictions on the community including women, children, and the elderly. Besides the loss of food security and disposable income, losing access to arable land would also heighten the community's vulnerability to climate change impacts.

Covers - Sab Wai Villagers_Submission of Information to the Special Procedures (June 2022)
News Release - Sab Wai Villagers_5 Aug.png
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