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DRAPAC23 Participants Solidarity Statement: for Greater Protection of Rights in the Asia-Pacific

Chiang Mai, Thailand, from May 22 to 26, 2023

Participants of the Digital Rights Asia Pacific Assembly (DRAPAC23) have issued a solidarity statement calling for the greater protection of human rights in the digital age.


The statement, signed by over 100 organizations and individuals, was jointly developed during the DRAPAC23 Assembly held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from May 22 to 26, 2023.


EngageMedia, a nonprofit that promotes digital rights, open and secure technology, and social issue documentaries in the Asia-Pacific, convened the week-long event which brought together over 500 participants from broad sectors of civil society to build knowledge, collaborations, and momentum around digital rights.



The statement highlights the increasing threats to digital rights in the region, including:

  • A rise in repressive and reactionary governments and policies

  • The spread of online misinformation and disinformation

  • Corporatisation of resources, including people’s data

  • Continuing threats to freedom of expression and access to information, which disproportionately affect already vulnerable and marginalized communities

Recognising the collective effort needed to address these urgent issues, the statement urges all stakeholders, including governments, technology companies, civil society organizations, and individuals, to work together in protecting and promoting digital rights and freedoms for all.

Among other things, the statement calls for the internet to be governed as a public good, for the protection and enjoyment of all human rights online and offline, and for the implementation of rights-based and human-centered policies related to the internet and digital technologies.

“With current and emerging technologies reshaping the digital rights landscape in the region, it’s critical for digital rights advocates and human rights defenders to work together and collectively navigate the shared challenges we face,” said EngageMedia Programme and Advocacy Director Red Tani. “We must explore ways to strengthen regional solidarity and advance our work to build a rights-respecting digital future.”

Read the DRAPAC23 Statement of Solidarity below:

We, the participants of the Digital Rights Asia Pacific Assembly held in Chiang Mai from 22 to 26 May 2023, representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives from 35 countries across the region, have come together to discuss the critical challenges faced by our communities in the context of current and emerging digital technologies and to explore ways to advance our work to build a rights-respecting digital future.

We recognise that the region is at an important crossroads, with the promise of the internet and emerging digital technologies to usher in an inclusive and equitable future on the one hand while millions still remain unconnected; a rise in repressive and reactionary governments and policies; threats to our human rights and fundamental freedoms; silencing of voices through violence and hate; misleading rhetoric and misinformation; corporatisation of resources, including our data; a looming climate crisis and the further marginalization of already vulnerable communities including but not limited to gender, sexual and religious minorities, people with disabilities, refugees and indigenous peoples. 

As stakeholders in the digital rights movement in the region, we call for the internet to be governed as a public good, where all citizens have the means and the right to access a free and open internet and the unrestricted flow of information. 

We stand for the protection and enjoyment of all human rights online and offline, including freedom of expression, privacy, and access to information, particularly for those from marginalized communities. 

We believe in the implementation of rights-based and human-centered policies related to the internet and digital technologies that put people before profit and politics, and that are developed through an inclusive, multistakeholder process. 

We stand in solidarity with each other and those who have been silenced or marginalized, and agree to work in cross-regional unity and collaboration in securing accountability and justice for those harmed. 

We celebrate the diversity of voices, perspectives and experiences across the Asia Pacific and champion their right to co-exist free from discrimination, hate and violence. 

We urge the broader internet community in the region, including individuals, civil society organizations, independent institutions, businesses and states, to join us in defending our human rights, protecting our environment and working towards a just and equitable society for all.

Signatures (Organization):

  1. Access Now

  2. Active Vista Center Inc

  3. Alternative Solutions for Rural Communities (ASORCOM)

  4. ARTICLE 19

  5. Asia Centre

  6. Asia Development Alliance

  7. Association for Progressive Communications

  8. Athan – Freedom of Expression Activist Organization

  9. Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio & Communication

  10. Biyung Indonesia

  11. Body and Data

  12. Break the Fake Movement

  13. Bulatlat

  14. Burma VJ Media

  15. Cambodian Center for Independent Media

  16. Cambodian Institute for Democracy

  17. Cambodian Youth Network Association

  18. Center for Science, Technology, and Society, Chulalongkorn University

  19. Coalition of Cambodian Farmers Community

  20. Combine Resource Institution

  21. Common Room Networks Foundation

  22. Computer Professionals’ Union

  23. Cooperation Committee for Cambodia

  24. Digital Defenders Partnership

  25. DigitalJusticeCN

  26. Digitally Right

  27. Doublethink Lab


  29. EngageMedia

  30. Equitable Cambodia

  31. Exile Hub

  32. Federal FM

  33. Filipino Freethinkers

  34. Forus

  35. Foundation for Advancing Critical Thinking in South Asia (FACTS)

  36. Foundation for Media Alternatives

  37. Free Expression Myanmar (FEM)

  38. Hashtag Generation

  39. IM Swedish Development Partner

  40. Initiative for Dialogue and Empowerment through Alternative Legal Services (IDEALS), Inc.

  41. Interlab

  42. International Media Support (IMS)

  43. Knowledge for Development

  44. Law Life Culture

  45. Legal Aid for Human Rights

  46. Legal Dignity

  47. LocalizationLab

  48. Luminate

  49. Mahawthada Digital Solution

  50. Manushya Foundation

  51. Media Matters for Democracy Pakistan

  52. Microgovernance Research Initiative

  53. Myanmar Internet Project

  54. Open Culture Foundation

  55. OPTF (Session)

  56. Point of View

  57. Polytechnic University of the Philippines

  58. Public Virtue Research Institute

  59. Purple Code Collective

  60. SAFEnet

  61. School of Public Policy Chiang Mai University

  62. Security Matters

  63. Sinar Project

  64. Solutify Myanmar

  65. Spring University Myanmar

  66. Sunflower Film Organization

  67. Taiwan Association for Human Rights

  68. Tattle Civic Technologies

  69. The Asia Foundation

  70. Thibi

  71. Tifa Foundation

  72. Timorese Association for Progressive Information and Technology

  73. TRACE Indonesia (Fast Response Team)

  74. Whose Knowledge?


  76. YIFoS Indonesia

  77. Young Experts: Tech for Health

Signatures (Individual):

  1. Ain Ghazal

  2. Anton Mujahir

  3. Ardilla (Yaya) Maisara

  4. Charisse Joan Cao

  5. Demie Dangla

  6. Dharini Priscilla

  7. Dulanjaya Mahagamage

  8. EJ Gagui

  9. Eze Soh

  10. Faisal Bustamam

  11. Fernando Ximenes

  12. Jameekorn Aumnatphook

  13. Jeebs Unabia

  14. Jen Tarnate

  15. Jeyra Morallo

  16. Jonnah Marie Morado

  17. Julaluck Punyata

  18. Kevin Lau

  19. Khun Win

  20. King Catoy

  21. Kristine Camille Sulit

  22. Krupskaya Valila

  23. Maharddhika Maharddhika

  24. Michael Gray

  25. Minhaj Aman

  26. Monira Begum Munni

  27. Muhammad Naziful Haq

  28. Niken Lestari

  29. Prapasiri Suttisome

  30. Red Tani

  31. Ri Na

  32. RIzki Estrada

  33. Salem Maduwa

  34. Sanjib Chaudhary

  35. Sara Pacia


  37. Shoeb Abdullah

  38. Siti Desyana

  39. Soe Sandar Oo

  40. Thanarin Pornpongphanurat

  41. Thaw Tar Swe

  42. Thidar Htay

  43. Vino Lucero

  44. YI-RU CHEN

  45. Zana Fauzi

  46. Zayed Ahmed Siddik

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