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Internet Freedom Remained Under Threat in Thailand

19 October 2022

The global 2022 Freedom on the Net Report, published by Freedom House on October 18, compares internet freedom across different countries. Manushya Foundation co-authored the Freedom on the Net 2022 country report for Thailand. 


In a context of ever-ratcheting digital authoritarianism, Thailand is no exception. It scored 39/100, falling into the category of “not free” countries in the Freedom on the Net index.


The internet is severely restricted in Thailand. A wide-ranging crackdown on online expression was carried out by the military-led regime in response to pro-democracy protests that started in July 2020 and continued throughout the coverage period. Authorities significantly increased the use of lèse- majesté law and sedition, charging and imprisoning individuals for online expression. Pro-democracy activists face heavy prison sentences.


State-sponsored attacks, intimidation, and harassment targeting individuals for their online activities also continued. The government repeatedly extended the enforcement of a repressive emergency declaration issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, imposing further constraints on fundamental freedoms, though the courts found some measures unconstitutional.

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