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#FreePalestine Manushya Joined 139 International Human Rights Organizations From Around The World In Support Of Palestinians V. Biden
March 14, 2024

Manushya Foundation is clear in our stance and fiercely amplifies our pledge of support to the Centre for Constitutional Rights’ case: Defense for Children International Palestine v. Biden. The case “implored” the Biden administration to examine its “unflagging support” for Israel’s assault.  


The lawsuit asks the court to enjoin President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Austin from providing weapons and other forms of support for Israel’s genocide of Palestinians. The administration has sent more than one hundred arms shipments to Israel since October 7 and continues to provide weapons without conditions, even as an emerging famine kills more children in Gaza. 


The world has painfully witnessed the indiscriminate killing of the Palestinian people for over 75 years, 163 days, and counting. It is our moral commitment to hold Biden, Blinken and Austin accountable as they continue to ignore and abuse international rules of law. This signals a significant moment for the global human-rights community as it highlights the necessity for emergency measures and resolutions that honor the rights and humanity of the Palestinian people. 


We must continue advocating, pledging and appealing for a #FreePalestine as we believe every contribution gets us one step closer to peace and justice. Our hearts are with every Palestinian each leap of the way.

Palestinians v. Biden Cover.png
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