Indigenous Women's Network of Thailand (IWNT) and Manushya Foundation have produced the report 'Raising our voices to save our future', based on community-led participatory research, to present an investigation into the human rights situation of indigenous women in Thailand.


It focuses on the priority human rights challenges of indigenous women and their communities, including to their lives, livelihoods and environment, due to State and non-State actors and suggests practical solutions to those challenges as shared by the indigenous women and men in the communities.

The core principle of the research that led to this report has been to empower indigenous women to conduct community-led participatory documentation on the human rights violations concerning them and their communities, and to engage indigenous women in the concerned communities to undertake evidence-based advocacy and offer possible solutions to address those violations and bring positive change to their communities.


Accordingly, the report includes analyses of four key challenges for human rights of indigenous women in Thailand:

  • Indigenous women's challenges in accessing citizenship;

  • Discrimination faced by indigenous women in accessing healthcare services;

  • Indigenous women in Frontlines Defending their Ancestral Lands;​

  • Impacts of Tourism on Indigenous Women.

The first three are explained in three case studies and the latter is developed in two summary cases within “voices from the ground”.

The case studies and voices from the ground include practicable aspirations of indigenous women to resolve those human rights challenges.


Finally, IWNT and Manushya have drawn a list of major recommendations based on the case studies and overall information in the report, that will provide practical solutions by Indigenous women for a sustainable future.


Founded in 2017, Manushya Foundation serves as a bridge to engage, mobilise, and empower agents of change by: connecting humans through inclusive coalition building and; by developing strategies focused at placing local communities’ voices in the centre of human rights advocacy and domestic implementation of international human rights obligations and standards.


Manushya Foundation strengthens the solidarity and capacity of communities and grassroots to ensure they can constructively raise their own concerns and provide solutions in order to improve their livelihoods and the human rights situation on the ground.

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