LAO PDR #UPR 2020 


Ahead of the 3rd Cycle of the Universal Periodic Review into which Lao PDR will go on 21 January 2020 at the UN Human Rights Council, Manushya Foundation developed UPR factsheets on the implementation of the recommendations which Lao PDR received during its 2nd UPR cycle. The factsheets help understand the situation of human rights in Lao PDR, aim to hold the Lao government accountable on its UPR commitments and provide more recommendations to improve the human rights situation in the country. The factsheets touch on six different thematics:


  • Civic space – that addresses the right to freedom of speech and expression; the right to assembly and association; and the impact on journalists, human rights defenders, and civil society.

  • Business and Human Rights – including infrastructure development projects such as hydropower projects and mining; land-related rights such as land concessions and land grabbing; access to information; public participation and consultation; corruption; lack of effective remedy; the threat of Chinese investments such as the Belt and Road Initiative; and the role of international financial institutions and other donors.

  • Rights of Indigenous Peoples – including their right to customary land; impact of land grabbing and land concessions; Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC); discrimination in access to health, education, welfare and other social services; disproportionate impact on indigenous women.

  • Women’s Rights – gender disparity in access to education; access to healthcare including for reproductive health and maternal care; violence against women; marginalization and discrimination; and their participation in decision making processes.

  • Law on Resettlement and Vocation from August 2018 – covering the content of the law and human rights violations of international human rights standards institutionalized through it, negatively affecting the livelihoods of indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, people affected by development projects, in particular. 

  • Access to justice and effective remedies – covering the law and policy framework that addresses human rights violations in Lao PDR.


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Manushya Foundation strengthens the solidarity and capacity of communities and grassroots to ensure they can constructively raise their own concerns and provide solutions in order to improve their livelihoods and the human rights situation on the ground.