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#CeasefireNow 🇵🇸 #EndIsraelsGenocide 📣 On 13 January 2024, people from all around the world joined the #GazaMarch screaming: « #Biden you have blood 🩸 🩸🩸on your hands! »

#GazaGlobalAction🇹🇭 In Bangkok, many of us marked the Global Day to Action for Palestine joining the protest in front of the US Embassy calling on Joe Biden to stop the US war machine.#JoeBiden, we want you to ⤵️

❌ Stop funding the genocide

✅ Ensure a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, allowing for humanitarian aid to save lives

❌ Stop taking colonial authoritarian decisions. You cannot avoid congressional approval! You must listen to the people!

👶🏽👧🏽🧒🏽 To also mark#วันเด็กแห่งชาติ(Children’s Day) in Thailand, powerful Thai kids stood in#solidaritywith children in Gaza asking Joe Biden « Biden, how many kids have you killed today? »

❌ Isr@el and the United States are committing a#genocideunfolding in front of our screens 📲 … and we will not remain silent! Imperialist and colonial states thinking they are above#internationalLawmust be stopped NOW! And WE, the#GlobalSouth, are making it happen, in the streets, and in court, thanks to the leadership of#SouthAfrica🇿🇦

🗣️ Let’s remember that WE ARE the international community - not a few imperialist states! Our voices are loud & clear! And we use our#powerto stand firmly in SOLIDARITY with Palestinian People until their true#LIBERATION!

🍉From the River to the Sea,#Palestinewill be#free🇵🇸

👉 Check our pictures of the Bangkok protest 👆

#WeAreManushyan♾️ Equal Human Being


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