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Climate Justice Vocabulary to know in 2023.

2023 must be the Year for Real #ClimateAction #JustTransition, #ClimateJustice

#ClimateChange has been an ongoing issue for more than a decade. It is not just affecting the environment and natural resources but also causing many forms of human rights violations. For example, limiting access to natural resources, forcing people to leave their homes, and much more.

☝️🏻 Although everyone is encountering the negative impact of #ClimateChange , those who are severely experiencing it the most are marginalized groups such as local communities and indigenous peoples. 👥

👉🏻 There are continuous efforts to mitigate risks from climate change; however, many of them lack inclusivity and participation from first-hand-experience stakeholders, from those who hold climate action solutions. You name it: forest and indigenous communities. 🗣

🧠 To comprehend the situation better, we would like to introduce the most frequently seen vocabulary in climate change movements, but that not everyone necessarily understands.

💚⚖️ Climate Justice

⚖️♻️ Just Transition

🌡️📉 Climate Change Mitigation

♻️📈 Climate Change Adaptation

🔥🌪️ Loss & Damage

🚫💨 Net-Zero

♻️👕 Greenwashing

🏭💨 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

📦🔂 Carbon Credit

🧡💗 At Manushaya Foundation, we will always stand, support, and call out for a Just, Feminist, Green, and Inclusive Transition on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Forests. ✊🏻💚⚖️

This is for this very reason that we co-created the #WeAreJustTransition Movement to guarantee People and Planet are over Profit and central to effective Climate Action.

#WeAreManushyan – Equal Human Beings

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➡️ Learn more about Manushya Foundation’s work and achievements under Climate Justice:



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