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Free Youth & Pro-Democracy Leaders' Twitter Accounts Suspended

On Thursday 5 November, Free Youth movement @freeyouth.ig and its leaders ‘Ford’ @fordtattep and ‘James’ @james_panumas announced on their social media platforms the Big Protest taking place on Sunday 8 November at 16:00, to march from Democracy Monument to the Palace and bring letters to the King, claiming to « Love Them All »!

BUT the next day, their 3 Twitter accounts were suspended by Twitter. As of today, the real reason for the suspension is unclear:

  1. Was it a massive online attack by IOs, reporting the 3 accounts at the same time?

  2. Was it a Thailand government’s request to silence Free Youth and disturb protests?

  3. Was it because of violations of Twitter’s policy?

Check the pictures below as we explain to you what we think happened:


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