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May to August at Manushya: #WeAreManushyan - Equal Human Beings!

Dear Friends,

The COVID-19 third wave kicked all of us hard but #WorkFromHome did not stop us from speaking truth to power, denouncing unjust rulings, and fighting for human rights!

With this video-recap from May to August 2021, we would like to share with you all the passion of our people, our work, and our achievements; and most importantly, why we are building the #WeAreManushyan movement. A Movement of Equal Human Beings. For those who didn't know, Manushya means "Human Being" in Sanskrit and it became very clear to us that we need to reaffirm our vision, the foundation of the world we'd like to live in: a world where we treat each other equally, humanely, with respect, without any ethnic bias, without nationalism and racism. Only then, we'll be able to live our best lives and be true agents of change.

Far too often we take it for granted that our human rights and development field is by nature filled with people sharing the same vision of equality and social justice for all; but the truth is, not everyone shares it. How is it that the very people working to promote and protect human rights are not embracing the beauty of diversity? Why do they apply a tokenistic approach? Why do they feel that exclusion is tolerated? Why do they have ethnic biases? Why are they nationalist and racist? We actually stopped wasting our time wondering. As you know, at Manushya, we are in the action, We Walk the Talk, rather than just talking.

We are now making a stand by building the #WeAreManushyan Movement and we hope many more people will join our philosophy! We have been encouraging Youth to join us, as we believe in the Power of the Youth to bring the change we'd like to see in this World, in embracing inclusion and diversity, and in breaking taboos, denouncing casted societies, transcending patriarchy, the systemic power-over structures, old morals, and cultural conditioning and limitations. Enough is enough of old ways. Innovation and an Inspiring Vision are A MUST.

Check our video 🔝 and have a look at our highlights from May to August 2021, brought to you by the Manushya Team ⤵️ and stay tuned as September will be filled with exciting news!

Thank you very much for your support, it means a lot to us.

We invite you to join us in our journey 💜

With Love,

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