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Prayut is a Liar - Lifting of Bangkok Emergency Decree is Only to Fool International Community

On 22 October 2020, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha lifted the Bangkok Emergency Decree. This controversial decree was imposed on 15 October to create an atmosphere of fear, stop protests and silence the truth about what's happening in Thailand.

BUT - it backfired on Prayut as he failed to portray protesters as violent and also because:

1️. The ban on gatherings didn’t stop more Youth protesters to defy the decree and join pro-democracy rallies;

2. The Ratchada Criminal Court dismissed the order to shutdown the entire online platforms of the free media ‘Voice TV’, ruling the order was unconstitutional as it violates sections 35(2) and 36(1) of the 2017 Thai Constitution protecting media freedom.

More worrying are the royalists coming to rescue Prayut and becoming violent with high school students protesters, angry that young people are calling for real democracy and the resignation of Prayut. Check the video below to see their violence:

Manushya Foundation calls for sincere actions from PM Prayut and the Thai government. We urge them to stop their lies but to truly listen and follow the protesters’ demands; and recognize their duty to serve all the Thai citizens in the country.

We stand in solidarity with Thai youth and Thai people in their fight for real Democracy, equality and justice in Thailand!

Check our post on the Bangkok Emergency Decree of 15 October 2020, which is violating international human rights law.

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