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Remembering 14 October 1973 - Victory of the People

Let's remember the 14 October 1973 Uprising or #ม็อบ14ตุลา which remains one of the most important events in modern Thai history. A major victory for the people, the protests resulted in the end of Thanom Kittikachorn’s military dictatorship regime. The significance of the event is further amplified by the university-student leaders' success in unifying the entire country for a common goal.

BUT - 47 years later, dictators are still governing and youth students are still fighting for a real Democracy.

Let's also not forget that on October 14, 1973, while being ordered to disperse violence broke out. The government brought in tanks, helicopters, and other military-grade weapons to support the police, resulting in 77 deaths and 857 injuries.

We cannot let it happen again.

We must not allow it.

Learn more about the nationwide pro-democracy protests here


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