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#SiameseRevolution #ปฏิวัติ2475 • Today marks the 90th anniversary of the Siamese Revolution of 1932

#SiameseRevolution #ปฏิวัติ2475 • Today marks the 90th anniversary since Thailand changed Siam from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy in 1932! But throughout the past 90 years, why has Absolute Monarchy remained a chronic defect in the Thai administrative system? ➡️ Swipe to read more!

📍 Is Thailand a REAL democracy now? The answer is an obvious NO. As we see every day on the news everywhere, the right to freedom of expression in Thailand is slowly disappearing. When people begin to criticize the role of the monarchy's political status, obstructing the democratic process, they end up being expelled or even arrested under Lese Majeste charges.

Will we celebrate or let the Absolute Monarchy back into our country? It’s almost a century now! We cannot let our country go backward or let people be deprived of their liberties! We must protect the Thai people’s Human Rights and Freedom of Expression at all costs!

At Manushya Foundation, we believe in #WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings. We want reform, a modernization of the monarchy that would mean a real democracy where everyone is guaranteed their human rights and treated as #EqualHumanBeings! And the Power must be returned back into the hands of the People!

✊🏼 We stand by all pro-democracy activists and protesters, by every community, organization, and civil society group that tirelessly defends democracy against absolute monarchy and fights for a better future for everyone!


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