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Where Is Sombath? We Want The Truth!

Today is 15 December 2020, the 8th anniversary of the enforced disappearance of Lao civil society leader Sombath Somphone. Today marks 8 years of unbearably long waiting time for Sombath’s family and friends, 8 years during which they have been worrying, wondering, hoping, asking nothing more than to know the truth about Sombath’s disappearance. While Lao authorities repeatedly claimed they have been investigating Sombath’s enforced disappearance, they have failed to disclose any new findings to the public since 8 June 2013, and they haven’t even met with Sombath’s wife, nor provided her with any updates on their investigation into his case since December 2017.

Check our joint statement with civil society worldwide where we reiterate our calls on the government of Laos to investigate Sombath’s disappearance and all allegations of enforced disappearances in the country:

We urge the Lao government to thoroughly, independently and impartially investigate the case of Sombath and reveal his fate and whereabouts, so that his family can finally learn the truth about his disappearance and find some peace. We only have a simple question, and we want it answered: where is Sombath?


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