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People’s Declaration for a Just, Feminist, Green and Inclusive Transition on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Forests
18 November 2022

On 18 November 2022, Manushya Foundation, Thai Climate Justice for All (TCJA), Green South Foundation, the Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR, the Thai Business & Human Rights Network, and numerous community and civil society partners, united as the #WeAreJustTransition Movement, launched The People’s Declaration for a Just, Feminist, Green, and Inclusive Transition on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Forests, introducing its key demands to COP27 and APEC2022 international fora, the Thai government, and the private sector, ensuring their voices are heard in the current climate emergency and the push for a Just, Feminist, Green, and Inclusive Transition.

The People's Declaration puts forward key demands, including:

  • Centering human rights in any climate action on international and national levels;

  • A swift just energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable and clean energy solutions;

  • Finance for Loss & Damage;

  • Shift from corporate monoculture farming to agroecology;

  • Recognition of the status of indigenous peoples and protection of their rights;

  • Recognition of indigenous peoples and forest-dependent communities as 'Guardians of the Forest';

  • End of false climate solutions such as the Forest Reclamation Policy in Thailand;

  • End of greenwashing schemes such as carbon credits and carbon markets;

  • Robust legislative framework inclusive of strengthened Strategic Environmental Assessment and mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence (mHRDD);

  • Transboundary cooperation among citizens in the region;

  • Human rights-based climate change adaptation;

  • Adaptation of urban and countryside infrastructure to climate change;

  • Closing down the inequality gap and restoring economic, gender, social, and political justice;

  • Respect for human rights by corporate actors.

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