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'NAP on BHR: We Influence a Fairer Process & Content' - Press Conference & Thai BHR Network

Manushya Foundation's and the Thai Business and Human Rights (BHR) Network's press conference entitled ‘Community Voices: We are not quiet, you are just not listening’ and the delivery of TBHRN's Official Statement, held on the morning and afternoon of 23 August 2018, respectively, were aimed at correcting the false claims by the government about the NAP development process, and putting the local communities' voices at the centre of BHR in Thailand.

Here is our Reach and Impact

What have we achieved?

Our Win:

· The government followed our Four Priority Areas for the framing of the NAP on BHR;

· The government did not rush the NAP process and did not submit the final draft NAP for the Cabinet’s approval by 30 September 2018. RLPD is currently further consulting government agencies and private actors to finalise the NAP.

· The Fourth Draft NAP shall be available online for public comments in December 2018 and will be submitted to the Cabinet by January 2019.

Our Remaining Calls for Action:

1. We call on government to meaningfully consult affected communities in December 2018 or January 2019, prior to submitting the NAP to the Cabinet. The government still needs to consult rural and marginalised communities at the regional level to receive their input on the final version of the NAP, taking into account the lack of Internet access for rural communities, as well as the need to financially support their participation.

2. We also maintain our strong call to have transparency in the composition of the NAP Committee with inclusion of concerned communities and civil society groups.

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