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A Year at Manushya: 2019 Roundup!

THANK YOU for a Wonderful 2019 from the Manushya Foundation Team!

As we are saying goodbye to 2019 and are joyfully welcoming 2020, we want to pay tribute to the infinite positive power of the communities we serve and work with, and want to reflect on our common achievements from 2019, that we are proud of, and which could not have been possible without your continued trust and support. All together, we have been able to make the invisible visible and place their voices at the center of decisions making processes concerning them, so they could share their very own concerns and solutions, fight back injustice, protect human rights, reclaim democracy and bring about positive impacts to their communities on the ground. We look forward to a 2020 filled with hope and the aspiration of working together with friends, valued partners and allies, sharing our common vision and bottom-up approach in building inclusive, just, equal, sustainable and peaceful societies in Asia. We sincerely THANK YOU for your generosity, kindness nda support; and we wish you all the best for 2020! In solidarity,

Manushya Team


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