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Five years on, Attapeu Dam Collapse survivors are still being denied fair and just compensation!

#ClimateJustice #JustTransition 🌍⚖️ On July 23, 2018, an avoidable tragedy struck communities in the Attapeu province of Southern Laos: the Xe-Pien Xe-Namnoy dam collapsed and destroyed entire villages, forcing over 7 000 people to seek new homes and leaving at least 71 people killed or missing. The cause? Corruption and corporate greed!

Half a decade later, the survivors continue to bear the brunt of broken promises by the Lao government and implicated companies. Unfair compensations, incomplete housing projects and non-farmable allocated lands still plague the affected communities.

✊🏼On this tragic anniversary, Manushya Foundation reiterates its unwavering solidarity with the affected communities. Lao authorities must bring about a Just, Inclusive, Green, and Feminist Transition and ensure that big corporations take full responsibility for their actions!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

Stay tuned for our upcoming stories about the Attapeu dam collapse!


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