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Fighting Back Injustice & Corporate Impunity in Central Thailand

On 30 October 2020, Manushya Team monitored the Court Hearing in the « Community-led class-action lawsuit » we are supporting, in solidarity with the villagers negatively impacted by the gold mining operations of Akara Resources public company limited in Phichit and Petchabun Provinces.

In this case, we are supporting more than 300 villagers suing and fighting back Akara to end corporate impunity. Stay tuned as we will be back on 22 December for the final submission of all the evidence showcasing how Akara gold mining operations have contaminated the water, deteriorated the health of villagers, destroyed the environment, polluted their cultivable land, and put many of them in a situation of poverty, losing their jobs.

Access the video we made on this case here


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