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Happiness Day - Be Kind to Yourself, and Support Others!

On this International Day Of Happiness, we wish you all a life filled with happiness! Every new day gives us the opportunity to see life through the beauty in every little things: a smile, a nice gesture, kind words, and much more! Put yourself first, love yourself fully, believe in yourself, dare to dream big, take care of your heart, body and soul and live in the present moment.


"There is no path to happiness... Happiness it the path itself" - Buddha

Check the pictures below as we give you tips to bring positive vibes and emotions and increase satisfaction in life, with stronger coping skills, compassion, less stress, to help you be healthier both mentally and physically!

We encourage everyone to prioritize their mental health especially during times of high stress amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Be kind to yourself, and support others! Check-in regularly with loved ones, keep doing what you enjoy, sleep, eat, meditate, pray, and exercise well. Let’s make the world a place where everyone is equal, healthy and happy!

With Love,

Manushya Foundation Team


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