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Human Of Courage - Chanya Rattanathada "Panan"

Chanya Rattanathada “Panan” is a Thai transgender woman, LGBTIQ+ rights defender and co-founder of Young Pride Club, a Youth Club fighting for gender equality, gender and sexuality diversity and inclusion.

Last year, she joined the youth-led pro-democracy protests in Chiang Mai to call for equality, justice, and true democracy! But last week, she was charged under the Covid-19 Emergency Decree established by the Thai government for joining the protests.

On 16 February 2021, Panan along with Sirisak Chaited “Ton” and 32 people who were charged under the Emergency Decree went to the Chiang Mai Police Station to acknowledge their charges. They were fierce and proud, standing for what is right despite the attempt from the authority to suppress their voices!

We stand in solidarity with Panan and supports her in her fight for equality, justice & democracy!

We urge the Thai government to stop weaponizing the law to silence protesters, activists, human rights defenders, and anyone fighting for what is right!


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