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Human Of Courage - Sirisak Chaited “Ton”

Sirisak Chaited “Ton” is a human rights defender courageously working to protect LGBTIQ+ rights and sex workers' rights in Thailand!

Last year, Ton joined the youth-led pro-democracy protests in Chiang Mai during which he spoke bravely calling for equality, justice, and true democracy!

But last week, Ton was charged under the COVID-19 Emergency Decree for his participation in the protest! The Thai military-backed government has been unfairly weaponizing the Emergency Decree to crackdown on democracy protesters and human rights activists!

We stand in solidarity with Ton! We are so proud to have Ton as our board member and we are forever inspired by Ton’s courage and fierce, speaking up loud and clear for the most marginalized in Thailand!

We urge the Thai government to drop all charges against Ton and to stop misusing COVID-19 as an excuse to silence protesters, activists, human rights defenders, and anyone fighting for what is right!


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