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Human Rights Day: There Is No Future Without Human Rights and Freedom!

On this Human Rights Day, we celebrate human rights and fight for their protection! Human rights are inalienable rights which everyone is entitled to as a human being. We have come a long way in terms of improving human rights; and yet, millions of people’s rights are still being violated with impunity. We must not let times of crisis like the Covid-19 one negatively affect human rights and everything we hold dear.

In Asia, repression and crackdowns on freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are on the rise and represent human rights violations perpetrated by governments themselves. But the youth isn’t taking any of it: they had enough of dictatorship and censorship and rally in the streets to fight for freedom and democracy!

Check also the joint statement where we joined AWID and 245 other organisations to call on States and the UN to take action to strengthen and defend the Special Procedures, which are threatened by state and non-state actors who aim to undermine their work on human rights:

We call on each and every one of us to double their efforts in respecting and protecting human rights, so that future generations can live in a world where we respect human dignity, integrity and life. We must stand up for human rights and put an end to discrimination, violence and intolerance!


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