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January 16, 2021 – A Day of Dissent VS. Police’s Abuse of Power

The Thai police once again proved that its job was not to protect the Thai citizens!

The surge of Covid-19 cases in Thailand might have shifted the focus of the public from the pro-democracy protest movement to the pandemic but it is clear that the boiling discontent and the anger toward the unjust and ineffective government are still present, simmering within the minds of the Thai citizens who are forced to witness the injustice happening day after day.

The protests at Victory Monument, Ministry of Education, and Samyan Mitrtown Shopping Mall on January 16, 2021 showed that people are far angrier at the government, at the authority than they do care about their own safety; they risked facing jail time to come out and make their voices heard!

But what did they get for their bravery? Violence from the police who arrested them despite the fact that they were unarmed and peaceful. People who gathered at the Victory Monument were just writing key messages criticizing the government on the banner! But look at how the police treated them, you would think they have committed the worst crime...

What happened on January 16, 2021 is yet another proof of how the Thai authority and the Thai government are choosing to ignore the voices of the people and instead trying to silence them.

We call on the Thai Police and the Thai Government to actually fulfill their duty by serving their citizens and protecting them, not to abuse them!

How can you help the pro-democracy protest movement?

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