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Kamala Harris - The First But Not The Last

Joe Biden might be the new President of the United States but the one who makes history today is Kamala Harris! She is the first ever Woman Vice President and the first ever Black and South Asian!

Being a mixed-race woman, Kamala Harris has faced lots of challenges throughout her life before she could stand where she is today. During her run as the Democratic nominee for Vice President, she faced racist and sexist comments from the opposition party. Even worse, Donald Trump (the worst President ever of the United States) had referred to her as “this monster” in one of his interviews. But Harris pushed through all the obstacles with grace, intelligence and hard work.

Kamala becoming the first woman Vice President of the United States means a lot to us WOMEN. It shows that it is possible to DREAM BIG and more importantly to believe in our dreams. We can and must all strive for a better and more inclusive political participation, with women leading, rising and bringing the change our world needs. Kamala’s success is significant not just for the Americans but for all women and marginalized people around the world.

For so long, women and marginalized people were ignored, invisible, and insignificant in the political process. But Kamala Harris taking the position as one of the highest rank officials in one of the largest democratic countries in the world proves that the time has finally come for real and meaningful changes, that we are more than capable of contributing, deciding and leading in decisions that affect our lives and societies. We are all Agents of Change and Kamala paves the way and tells women and little girls growing up that they can and will also be the next VP or President of their own country, no matter their gender, race and color.

What matters and counts the most is in our HEART!

Kamala Harris is definitely the first but she won’t be the last.

THANK YOU KAMALA, we love you!


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