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Police Violence - 16 October 2020

Yesterday, 16 October 2020 or #16ตุลาไปปทุมวัน, Thai youth experienced police brutality. Hundreds of armed cops pushed against UNARMED protesters, mainly young people and high school students using cannon waters.

BUT - the police is using « BLUE water »; which sticks to the skin longer than usual. Like police in Hong Kong, blue water is used toward protesters so that cops can identify them easily and arrest them. The media has also reported that the Blue Water might be mixed with tear gas.

We all agree that PRAYUT MUST GO for using violence on unarmed peaceful protesters.

As a reminder and according to the United Nations “Water cannon should only be used in situations of serious public disorder where there is a significant likelihood of loss of life, serious injury or the widespread destruction of property”.

That was clearly not the case at yesterday’s protest. The Thai military-backed government has once again proved it is a dictatorship.

Remember this: youth are in the streets to get you out Prayut!

They want a real democracy and they won’t give up.

You have to treat them as human beings.

You have no right to do what you did!

We condemn the police brutality and use of water cannons against unarmed protesters, violating Thailand’s international human rights obligations. We also condemn the ongoing arrests of protest leaders.

We stand in solidarity and defense of protesters. We call on the Thai government and monarchy to desist from repeating the violations of the past.

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