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September at Manushya

OCTOBER here we come! To end this month, here is a little recap of what we did in September, along with some behind the scenes pictures of us at work and little fun at Manushya Foundation.

September has been a very busy month: meetings, interviews, protests, research, webinars! We have been working hard to rise to the challenges of human rights violations that continue to grow every day at an alarming speed amid the Covid-19 situation and political turmoil.

September was also an eventful month for us especially because we’ve just reached the new milestone of 600 followers on Instagram. We are so thankful for your support; the more people can see what we do, the more we can raise awareness and amplify voices of communities who are in need of visibility and help! Your support and engagement mean the WORLD to us.

Here is to new beginnings as October rolls in with Full Moon in Aries, inviting us to focus on our life’s mission, welcoming new experiences, and more passion in pursuing what we love. We like to think of this as a great opportunity for our next step forward as an organization; working toward our goals, growing and learning. Let’s work together towards a better future, a better society and grow as a collective of awaken human beings.

Again thank you so much for your support, we hope October will be a great month for you.


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