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🧩Today is World Autism Awareness Day and April is Autism Awareness Month!

❗Let'stake this opportunity to raise awareness of the gender gap in autism diagnosis!

👉 The gender gap in autism diagnosis is a complex issue that involves a combination of factors related to both the presentation of autism in girls and societal biases in diagnosis and evaluation.

💡 Autism may present differently in girls than in boys. And the fact that autism diagnostic criteria and tools are often based on male representations of autism makes it more difficult to identify this disorder in women who may show different behaviors or coping mechanisms.

👉 For example, girls with autism may be better at masking their symptoms and may have more social skills than boys with autism, which could lead to underdiagnosis or misdiagnosis.

✅ In order for girls to be properly diagnosed and taken care of, the clinical field needs to be composed of more women and gender-non-confirming persons!

👉 In conclusion, social gender stereotypes can lead to women being overlooked or misdiagnosed with other disorders.

#WeAreManushyan – Equal Human Beings

✨ As an inclusive feminist organization, Manushya Foundation believes in a society where all human beings are treated equally and therefore advocates for the alleviation of gender gaps.


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