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Urgent Appeal: International Coalition Calls for Immediate Action to Prevent Execution in Vietnam

🔴🚨BREAKING: A Thunderous Cry for Justice! Manushya Foundation Stands Strong against the unlawful execution of Nguyen Van Chuong 🔴🚨

August 9, 2023 - A Collective Voice for Justice

In a resounding chorus of unity, a coalition of over 10 prominent international human rights organizations, including Manushya Foundation, urgently addresses the Vietnamese government to intervene and prevent the impending execution of Nguyen Van Chuong, a death row prisoner. This appeal stems from grave concerns about the integrity of his trial, allegations of coerced confessions, and potential instances of torture during his incarceration.

Rallying Against Unfairness

In this urgent OPEN LETTER addressed to President Vo Van Thuong, the undersigned organizations emphasize the necessity for an impartial and comprehensive inquiry into the allegations of coercion and torture that may have contributed to Chuong's conviction. Relying on such questionable evidence and proceeding with the execution would constitute a breach of both international human rights standards and Vietnam's international obligations. 🕊️❌🚫

A Saga of Injustice

Nguyen Van Chuong's case dates back to 2007, when he, along with two others, faced accusations in the killing of a high-ranking police officer in Hai Phong City. However, the investigation process has been marred by inconsistencies and reports of coerced confessions under duress. Despite the presence of compelling alibi witnesses, Chuong and his co-defendants received convictions, culminating in his death sentence in 2008. 😞⚖️

Justice Demands Transparency

We illuminate the glaring need for an unflinching, impartial, and impactful investigation into the shadows of injustice. The claims of torture and the twisted dance of "coerced confessions" that orchestrated Chuong's fate must be exposed and dismantled. ⚡🔍

A Death Sentence ≠ Justice Served

The death sentence for Chuong not only delivers a chilling verdict for his life but casts a sinister shadow over humanity's progress. In a world marching towards the abolition of the death penalty, this act stands as an affront to progress. Recent United Nations General Assembly resolutions have urged countries to establish a moratorium on capital punishment, working towards its eventual eradication. 🌏❌🗡️

Vietnam, Heed Our Call!

Our collective plea pierces the heavens, resonating across borders. We implore, we demand, we EXHORT the Vietnamese government to:

  1. Swift Communication: Notify Chuong's family without delay about his status.

  2. Stay the Hand of Fate: Grant IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT reprieve from the looming execution.

  3. Fair Trial or Freedom: Ensure justice aligns with international standards or secure his release.

  4. The Truth Unveiled: Initiate a thorough and impartial investigation into allegations of coercion and torture leading to confessions.

  5. End the Cycle: Enforce a moratorium on executions and champion the fight to abolish the death penalty in Vietnam. ⚖️❌🤝

The Path Ahead

The potential execution of Nguyen Van Chuong stands as a test of Vietnam's commitment to upholding international human rights principles. Chuong's destiny hangs in the balance, a battle waged not just for his life, but for justice in Vietnam.

Join Us! The journey continues, the list of signatories grows, but as of now, warriors of justice from these organizations have etched their names in this fight for justice:

  • Amnesty International

  • Anti–Death Penalty Asia Network (ADPAN)

  • ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights

  • Asia Democracy Network

  • Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM–ASIA)

  • Centre for Civil and Political Rights

  • Cross Cultural Foundation

  • Duayjai Group

  • International Commission of Jurists

  • Manushya

  • People in Need

  • The 88 Project

  • Transformative Justice Collective

Peel back the layers of injustice. Join hands with Manushya Foundation and our global coalition, let's script a world where justice prevails, and every voice matters. 📜🌍✊

For the complete open letter, you can [Read the Open Letter Here]

Stand with us, stand for justice. Let's raise our voices for Chuong and all those whose rights are threatened.



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