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#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar - Myanmar Military Coup Timeline since February 1, 2021

#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar - Read our timeline of the Myanmar Military Coup since February 1st and how we condemn the brutality of the military!

It has been 46 days since the military seized power in Myanmar, with tens of thousands of people taking the streets across the whole country to peacefully protest the military coup. However, protesters were attacked by the security forces from the very beginning with live ammunition, rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons, as they attempted to disperse the protesters.

Since Feb 1st, the military has been committing human rights violations including murders, arbitrary detentions, beatings and probably enforced disappearance. Evidence shows the military had implemented Systematic Killing towards peaceful protesters by using lethal weapons. According to the United Nations, more than 80 protestors have been killed, thousands have been arrested and detained. The road to democracy is covered by the blood of the people of Myanmar! When will the military stop killing its people?

It is also clear that the military junta wants to cover up its own crimes by stopping information and news from spreading to the outside world. Ever since the coup took place, the military junta has been imposing a series of internet shutdowns and ordering internet service providers to block access to major social media sites! Even worse, they also started a nightly internet shutdown between 1.00 am and 9.00 am local time, which is still ongoing for up to a month now. Nobody feels safe at night anymore, they are left in the dark with no way to ask for help, no way to spread the words on #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar.

By cracking down on people’s demonstration, the military also illegitimately violates people’s rights to freedom of expression online, and freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

Despite the military dictatorship and its brutal attempts to stop people’s quest for democracy, the people of Myanmar are united and are bravely taking the streets throughout the country to demand true democracy, freedom of expression and respect for human rights.

Manushya Foundation condemns the military brutality and stands in solidarity with brave Myanmar people fighting for democracy and human rights! We call on the military to stop murdering civilians and restore democracy in Myanmar immediately! and for them to restore access to the internet without any interruption and respect Myanmar people's freedom of expression!

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