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Who Are Indigenous Peoples?

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES: On the International World’s Indigenous Peoples Day, we pay tribute to these amazing human beings, protectors of our Mother Nature, whose traditional knowledge CAN SAVE LIVES. Indigenous Peoples hold solutions to climate change & Covid-19. Now more than ever it’s time to LISTEN to them!

Often people ask us ‘Who are Indigenous Peoples? Why do you focus some of your work on them?’

The answer is simple: 

Indigenous Peoples are the very first Humans on Earth knowing better than anyone else how to protect our lives and our planet in a sustainable way. They are Guardians and Protectors of forests and the environment. Their traditional ways of living have resisted thousands of years and we have so much to learn from them; if only the capitalist world we live in would pay them the RESPECT they so deserve. 

To overcome the lack of understanding and knowledge on the important Humans that are Indigenous Peoples for our planet, check the pictures to learn: (1). WHO & WHERE they are, (2). the meaning of ‘INDIGENOUS’, (3). their STRUGGLES in the capitalist world we live in, with corporates and states trying to silence them, and (4). how we could all SUPPORT them. 

Help us support Indigenous Peoples here!


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