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Who Do You Call When The Police Murder? #JusticeforJirapong

It is no longer a shock to the system when the words police and brutality are put together. The so-called “protectors” have become the “inflictors”. Over a year after George Floyd’s death, the Thai police stunned the world with a scene all too familiar. A 24-year-old was suffocated to death by a senior police officer—who is now at large.

The police, by definition, ensures safety and prevents crime. It’s a task of utmost importance. When we need protection, we call the police. When we are in trouble, we call the police. But who do you call when the police commits the crime?

Justice has always been blurred in Thailand. The corruption is normalized beyond repair. A simple bribe could get you out of almost anything. Where do we draw the line? Police brutality and corruption are associated with one another. It starts off by empowering the police with bribes, and it ends with the police committing crimes with ease. We must learn to hold others and ourselves accountable. Eventually, the lines of justice can be clearer.

• Illustrator: @ivana_kurniawati

• Writer: @lins232


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