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Implementation of the Study on Thailand’s Cybersecurity Act

Engaging with political parties to ensure Thailand’s Cybersecurity Act has a human-rights based approach, upholding freedom of expression and privacy in line with international standards

Bangkok, Thailand - On 30 October 2019, Manushya Foundation presented its Study titled ‘Thailand’s Cybersecurity Act: Towards a Human-centered Act protecting Online Freedom and Privacy, while tackling cyber threats’ and proposed legal amendments on Thailand’s Cybersecurity Act to Parliamentarian Mr. Klaikong Vaidhyakarn of Future Forward Party. This report along with its accompanying summary ‘Thailand’s Cybersecurity Act: Dos & DON’Tslaunched on 23 September 2019, responds to concerns of a shrinking civic space and suggests changes to the text of this law, so that it complies with Thailand’s international human rights commitments.

We hope through the implementation of our Study, political parties will succeed in reforming this controversial legislation that undermines digital rights, online freedom and data protection. We will continue to empower affected communities, Thai netizens and civil society on the rights they are entitled to and the impact of legislations on them; so that they can be agents of change by raising their own concerns as well as by offering solutions so Thailand’s Cybersecurity Act and other cyber legislations applies a human-centered approach to protect individuals instead of censoring or surveilling them.

To access the documents:

Read the media coverage by Khaosod English: ‘Future Forward Party seeks to amend junta’s cyber law

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