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Abortion is a Human Right!

#ShockingNews 🚨 The US Supreme Court just overturned Roe v. Wade and destroyed the right to #Abortion in the United States!

but the FIGHT ISN’T OVER ✊🏼

Abortion Rights are Human Rights!

⚠️ On Friday 24 June 2022, the world watched the US Supreme Court strip away the constitutional right to access safe and legal abortion, leaving the question of abortion’s legality to the states. This ruling is highly harmful as abortion can now become a crime in States that used to support #ReproductiveRights - and it can push women to undergo unsafe abortions.

💜 Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with millions of Americans whose fight for #ReproductiveFreedom continues!! The Supreme Court must not control our lives, our destiny, our bodies! WE MUST RESIST ✊🏼✊🏼

No to patriarchy.

❌ No to sexism.

❌ No to conservatism.

✊🏼 The fight for #AbortionRights is not over!

❓ Did you know that abortion rights are protected under international human rights law and that the US Supreme Court just violated these internationally protected rights?

💡 UN Human Rights bodies have repeatedly called for the decriminalization of abortion in all circumstances. From the CEDAW Committee to the Human Rights Committee, UN experts characterized restrictive abortion laws as a form of discrimination against women, a violation of our right to health, right to privacy, and a form of gender-based violence amounting to torture and/or cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

💸 Join us in our support to the #Abortion rights movement and consider donating to Abortion Funds - a network of grassroots building power to remove financial, logistical, cultural, and political barriers to abortion access in the US! Now more than ever, they need our help! Donate here.

While you're here...

➡️ Access the Supreme Court Decision here.

➡️ Wanna know where abortion is legal and where it loses legal protections, check here.

➡️ To learn more about abortion rights and international human rights law, access UN OHCHR Information Sheet on Abortion (2020) here.


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