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#EqualPayDay: Closing Gender Pay Gap Now!

📍On September 18th, the United Nations celebrates its International #EqualPayDay to enhance the understanding of the critical need to solve the gender pay gap.

👉 The Global Gender Gap Report 2021, issued by the World Economic Forum, informs that with the current trajectory, it will take 267.6 years to close the global gender pay gap.

⁉️Can we wait for that long⁉️

🇺🇳 According to UN Women, women earn 77 cents for every dollar men earn for work of equal value — with an even wider wage gap for women with children. Do we have to make women's lives harder than ever⁉️

✊🏼 At @manushyafoundation we cannot wait that long! We believe in the power of #Women to lead this World, and it won’t come at a lower pay than men! Now more than ever it’s time to denounce the gender pay gap! The minimum we ask for is #EqualPay ‼️

👉 Share our blog to spread awareness of the International Equal Pay Day, recognising the urgent need to close the gender pay gap.

💬 Can we wait for 267.6 years? ‼️NO‼️so what are we waiting to close the gender pay gap?


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